BMW Car December Issue

Judging from our television screens and from the stock in our supermarkets it would appear that we’re hurtling towards Christmas once again but before the season of goodwill dawns I’d really like a little bit of time to enjoy the autumn. This does bring about driving challenges and I do enjoy getting used to lower grip levels and needing to read the road more carefully than in the summer months. The nights drawing in also give me a chance to better assess some of the gadgets and gizmos increasingly fitted to BMW test cars and this month spending some time with the brilliant M140i demonstrated just how effective its headlights are. This being a press car, it was kitted out with the all-singing, all-dancing Adaptive LED lights and they are simply stunning – once you’ve experienced them on a dark country road you’d really hate to go back to old fashioned halogens. The way they flick on and off, providing you with little light tunnels as they avoid dazzling oncoming traffic is mesmerising and a real step forward in road safety. When I stepped back into my company car I was briefly under the impression that both headlight bulbs must have failed simultaneously.

On the other hand, damp and slippery roads do show up the limitations of a very powerful rear-wheel drive car, and if you’re not careful the M140i would illuminate its traction control light almost as brightly as its headlights illuminated the road. No wonder xDrive is becoming more and more prevalent as it really allows you to make use of all of the performance all of the time. Time to remember the ‘good old days’ when the only traction control device fitted was you right foot!

Enjoy the issue and drive safely,

Bob Harper, Editor

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