BMW Expands its Horizons in China With 1-Series Sedan

Saloon cars aren’t all that popular over here. Since the dawn of the hatchback, the traditional ‘three box’ design has evolved into something more like ‘two and a bit boxes’. Over in China, however, saloons (or sedans) are all the rage and in fact, the market out there almost demands carmakers to produce one if they want to be a volume success.

So it is that BMW has created a 1 Series Sedan to help it explore the premium compact segment in the country. This is, in fact, a first for the German manufacturer which is clearly hoping to cash in on what it says is the fastest growing segment not only in China, but worldwide.

As you can imagine, BMW developed the car solely in China, where it will be produced and sold. Chassis tuning has been undertaken to suit the local roads and the requirements of the people who will eventually buy the 1 Series Sedan. Whilst BMW doesn’t specify exactly what this fine-tuning involved, it’s likely that while the 1 Series Sedan will retain its typical BMW driving focus, a little more pliancy will have been built into the ride.


The 1 Series Sedan was designed specifically for the Chinese market.

The car’s reveal might make a few eagle-eyed BMW spotters recall the BMW Concept Compact from the 2015 Guangzhou Motor Show, by which the 1 Series Sedan is heavily influenced. And with its release, the total number of cars created and produced specifically for the Chinese market has grown to five, helped by the recent launch of the X1 and 2 Series Active Tourer in China.

As we say, you’re not likely to see one over here unless it has been imported with BMW’s expansive range in the UK and Europe remaining as it. Bearing in mind the lack of demand for small premium saloons over here, that’s probably a wise decision.

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