BMW Connected Comes to the UK

ConnectedDrive has been the brands standard for integrating owners’ phones and other digital devices for some time. Now, it has been replaced thanks to the launch of BMW Connected. Through this BMW is bringing out an all-encompassing app that provides a seamless experience covering all aspects of personal mobility.

P90214331_highRes_bmw-connected-north-Using a flexible platform called the Open Mobility Cloud as a basis, BMW Connected seamlessly integrates the vehicle into the user’s digital life. This happens via multiple touchpoints, such as an iPhone or Apple Watch. The first version of BMW Connected focuses on journey management, featuring digital products and services designed to simplify the day-to day planning of driving routes. The aim of BMW Connected in this sense is to deliver car, driver and passengers to their destination free of stress.

BMW is keen to brand BMW Connected as a personal digital assistant. Users simply need to set up a ConnectedDrive profile through a new App – initially only available for iPhone users. Once hooked up, BMW Connected scans for journey-related information. This includes the addresses and arrival times contained in calendar entries, and notifies the driver of the ideal departure time for arriving at their destination punctually on the basis of real-time traffic information.

BMW Connected

It’ll also transfer places and points of interest from other apps, storing them as a destination together with the desired arrival time. This allows the in-car navigation system to be one-touch programmed for regularly used destinations. On i models, relevant data such as the remaining range or battery charge can be retrieved remotely and factored into journey planning.P90230203_highRes_bmw-connected

To ensure owners arrive on time BMW Connected provides “time to leave” notifications, these are sent to the user’s smartphone or Apple Watch to let them know when
they have to set off in order to arrive on time. In addition, the “Personal Learned Destinations” function recognises the places and locations that the user drives to regularly and automatically stores them as favourite destinations, which can be accessed with a single click whenever required. Regular journeys, such as a commute or school run, supplements this handy feature, and as is also integrated with the “time to leave” notifications.

There are numerous other innovative functions within BMW Connected, such as the ability to send a pre-worded SMS – including the predicted arrival time – to relevant individuals. Last Mile Navigation ensures true end-to-end guidance, while vehicle functions such as interior ventilation, locking and flashing the headlights to help locate in a car park are also app-based.


Once launched (during this month of August), BMW Connected will be available as a free download from the Apple App Store. It can be used in BMW vehicles with the BMW “ConnectedDrive Services” activated, a feature which became standard on all new BMWs in January 2016.

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