BMW M2 Convertible Enhanced by Dähler Design & Technik

Swiss tuner, Dähler Design & Technik, has introduced its own version of the BMW M2 Convertible, breathing fresh breath into the engine and chassis, offering more performance in a straight line and in the corners compared to the standard car.


In a project that started in early 2016, Dähler has made numerous changes to the M2 Convertible, chief among which can be found under the bonnet. The Dähler Competition Line upgrades see BMW’s N55 engine power uprated from 365hp up to between 402hp (level 1 upgrade) and 419hp (level 2). Torque is similarly increased, with a tyre-shredding 580 ft lb of available with level 1, and 610 ft lb available from level 2. Obviously with such large power hikes the M2 Cabriolet’s performance is somewhat improved. Level 1 sees 62mph come up in 4 seconds (0.3 faster than standard) and a top speed of 180mph. With the higher power upgrade, whilst the 0-62 time remains the same, top speed increases to 186mph, with the obvious in-gear rapidness that 610 ft lb will deliver.


Alongside the engine upgrades (the specific details of which we don’t currently know), Dähler has created a new sports exhaust which it reckons delivers a great soundtrack without being too intrusive. This is available from just a rear silencer to a full through system, including a high-flow catalyst.


Naturally, Dähler has addressed the chassis to handle the additional power the car has been given. Fully-adjustable coil-over suspension has been freshly developed which lowers the car slightly, and also offer 16-way adjustment for both rebound and compression, with each being able to be adjusted separately to suit the driver. Large eight-piston performance brakes with 400mm rotors can also be optioned for the car, giving no-doubt prodigious stopping power. Small aero additions in the form of a front lip spoiler can be specc’d and new 20 or 21-inch wheels are also available.


More detail on the Dähler Design & Technik upgrades for the BMW M2 Convertible can be found at:

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