BMW M5 Competition Edition

BMW has revealed a limited edition of its F10 M5. With just 200 being made available worldwide, the BMW M5 Competition Edition offers increased power and torque, as well as new internal and external details. Chassis performance is also enhanced with the standard fitment of the Competition Package.

According to BMW, the M5 Competition Edition celebrates the life of the F10-generation car – which is nearing the end of its production run. Thanks to a recalibrated engine map, peak power stands at 600hp – 40hp over standard – and torque at a tarmac-rippling 516lb ft – 15lb ft over the standard M5. This enables the Competition Edition to cover the 0-62mph sprint in just 3.9 seconds, down from 4.4 seconds. Of course despite the prodigious power on offer, the top speed remains limited to 155mph.P90227773_highRes_bmw-m5-competition-e

Unless you’re particularly eagle eyed, you’d be hard pressed to tell the M5 Competition Edition apart from a standard car. On the outside, fitment of carbon fibre BMW M Performance Parts and a black kidney grille set it apart. The 20-inch alloys are painted jet black and just two exterior colours are available: Mineral White and Carbon Black. Inside, occupants benefit from Full Black Merino leather upholstery with Opal White contrast stitching, along with further selected details including the unique “1/200” engraving to the interior trim.

The Competition Package is fitted as standard. This consists of retuned springs and electronically controlled dampers, along with thicker anti-roll bars. The Active M electronically controlled multi-plate limited slip differential, which intervenes rapidly to control wheelspin and keep the car stable, is re-calibrated too.

Here’s the rub; for all its plus points and limited edition status, if you want to purchase a BMW M5 Competition Edition you’ll have to shell out £100,995. If you specified a standard M5 with the Competition Pack you get the same chassis and a 15hp increase making a total of 575hp – all for £6,700. Add this and some options to OTR price and you’re looking at roughly £90,000. So in essence, with the BMW M5 Competition Edition you’re spending £10,000 for an additional 25hp and some custom trim.

We’re sure all 200 of the M5 Competition Edition car being sold will fly out of the showroom but if it were our money, we know what we’d do.

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