Modern Classic BMWs under the Hammer at Classic Car Auctions

A plethora of modern classic BMWs will be going under the hammer at Classic Car Auctions’ sale on December 3rd. With 14 BMWs currently listed for sale, with the most expensive estimated at reaching £20,000, the sale is one of the last opportunities for enthusiasts to get their hands on interesting, useable cars before 2016 finishes.

There are several cars of particular note that look like good value and are also pretty interesting. First up is a 1996 BMW E36 M3 Evolution, in four-door form. In fantastic condition, the M3 Evolution cost around £50k when new, yet it is guided at between £8,000 and £10,000. With the sonorous 3.2-litre straight six packing almost 320hp, the Evolution has a strong following and is one of the most desirable M3s of its era.


Looking like particularly good value is a 2002 Alpina B10 Touring, valued at between £10,000 and £15,000. Often seen as a slightly softer and easier to live with alternative to the E39 M5, the B10 is equipped with a 4.8-litre V8 which pushes out 375hp and 376 ft lb of torque, transferred to a specially tailored 5-speed automatic gearbox. Its performance isn’t far off the M5 of its era either, with a c. 5-second 60 sprint and, without the electronic limiter present, a 177mph top speed. The car on sale at the Classic Car Auction is one of just five right-hand-drive tourings delivered from the factory, making the estimated sale price look that bit more reasonable.


If your tipple is a little older and in coupe form, a 1985 M635 CSi might just be your thing. With a guide of £15,000 to £18,000, the car on offer is presented in rare manual form and has an extensive history file. In decent condition and looking like a sensible project for light restoration, the M635 is a fast-appreciating BMW and with this car you’re unlikely to lose money if bought as an investment, or as a usable classic.


They say you wait ages for a bus then two come along at once; well the same is true with the M635. Classic Car Auctions is also offering a Grey E24 “sharknose” in manual form and in good condition. This second ‘6 is slightly newer, being from 1987, and it also has silver screen experience, having featured on the BBC series, Howard’s Way. It has a slightly higher estimate than its 1985 stablemate, predicted to fetch between £17,000 and £20,000.


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