Watch Le Mans Classic Live this Weekend

This weekend’s Le Mans Classic is going to be a treat for fans of iconic motorsport heroes with racing action taking place across Saturday and Sunday. There’s additional good news for fans as races on Saturday and Sunday will be live broadcast via the web. Coverage will be pretty comprehensive throughout, and thanks to a dedicated interface, live text and rankings, fans can keep up with all the drama as it unfolds.

On Saturday seven different races will be live streamed with highlights including Group C racing which will bring together some of the most striking cars to have raced in the 1980-1993 era. Starring in the Group C race, which will run between 11:40 and 13:00 on Saturday, are no less than 12 Porsche 962s. Six other grids will see cars from across the years of racing at Le Mans once again line up against their counterparts.

Grid 1 – 1923-1939

Pioneers of Le Mans racing taking part in the Grid 1 race include a brace of BMW 328s which will go head to head with famous rivals from Bentley, Bugatti and Talbot. Grid 1 races take place at 16:00 on Saturday and 08:15 on Sunday.


Grid 2 – 1949-1956

Post-war cars are out in force in Grid 2 celebrating an era in which Ferrari emerged, but Jaguar dominated. At this year’s classic the races that take place at 17:20 on Saturday and 09:30 on Sunday.


Grid 3 – 1957-1961

This era was dominated by Ferrari but there is an encouraging mix of carmakers on the grid including Lotus, Lister and Chevrolet. Grid 3 racing takes place on Saturday at 19:00 and 10:45 on Sunday.


Grid 4 – 1962-1965

Ford entered the Le Mans fray with its GT40 during this era, but Ferrari still dominated at Le Sarthe. Porsche also debuted its 911 during this era. You can watch the action at 20:40 on Saturday and 12:00 Sunday.


Grid 5 – 1966-1971

During this era Ford was the dominant player at Le Mans, but Porsche was in the ascendency, setting a still-to-be-equalled record of a 24 hours average speed of 138mph. Grid 5 racing is broadcast at 13:45 on Sunday.



Grid 6 – 1972-1981

Porsche really hit its stride during this era, dominating the podium at Le Mans. BMW was also back in action with its 1979 M1 Procar and a lone 3.0 CSL. Sunday’s race, which starts at 15:00, will see a large contingency of cars from other marques.


If you want to catch the action, just head over to across the weekend.

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